I am not quite sure when I started to enjoy cooking, but at some point in my life it became something enjoyable for me.  I always enjoyed cooking for friends in college when taste was all that mattered.  As I’ve grown up, I’ve focused on adding health to the taste.  I’ve cooked for myself, my parents, my extended family, friends and roommates.  I now find myself living in an apartment without a kitchen.  I am a nanny, so I have access to a full kitchen during the day, but that has it’s own limitations. I have a few electronic appliances in my apartment that are my go-to’s.  I like to keep things simple because I also have to wash my dishes in my small bathroom sink.  I do in fact love my apartment though.

This blog has been inspired as I searched for a cookbook about cooking simply for one and the search was fruitless.  I saw one titled something like “Crap. I’ve got a kitchen.”  I know that I am the exact opposite of this, and in case there are any more of you out there, I hope I can give you hope.

In general, this will be focused mostly on my dinners.  My breakfasts consist of toast with either peanut butter & banana or cream cheese, cinnamon & blueberries.  My lunches consist of cooked vegetables which contain any of the following: corn, tomato, onion, mushroom, pea, & broccoli.  I also add cheese or fish to this mixture.  I like to make one “big” dinner per week and supplement it with leftover variations along with salads and frozen dinners throughout the rest of the week.

Enjoy, and take a look at what I’ve done with a kitchen 🙂

Green Beans & Potatoes

Recipe from Sam Talbot

Recipe from Sam Talbot

Cowboy Soup

Recipe from Rachel Ray

Recipe from Rachel Ray


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