Teriyaki Noodles

One of the first recipes I made in my oven included steaming broccoli.  Even though the oven does not include pasta in it’s list of capabilities, I knew that if it could boil water to steam broccoli, then it should be able to boil water to cook pasta as well.  I noticed in the baking pan that there is a fill line and it is slightly more than 1 cup.    When I went to the grocery store, I wanted mac and cheese to have on my shelf as a backup.  Unfortunately those require a lot more than 1 cup of water to cook.
Teriyaki NoodlesThis requires only one cup of water, so I knew that I could attempt it.  When I steamed the broccoli, the recipe told me to turn the oven to 350 degrees to boil the water.  I did that again with the top heat off, and I checked the water every so often because it is hard to hear the water boiling when the oven is closed.  Having the oven closed is the same effect has having the top on a pot of water; it helps speed up the process.
Teriyaki NoodlesI chose not to include oil in the making of the noodles this time.  When I stirred in the noodles & spices, I also had to even it all out so that all the noodles were immersed in the water. Once I was finished with that, I turned the temperature down to 250 degrees and set the timer for seven minutes.  The noodles did not seem to be fully cooked at that point so I added another three minutes and at that time, they were tender. I stirred the noodles, let them sit with the oven open and then enjoyed a bowl of noodles.
Teriyaki NoodlesThis was quick & easy and all I needed to have on hand was the package of noodles.  I plan on keeping a few of these packets on my shelf from now on for a quick & easy dinner that tastes good too.